Group Development Services uses MUSIC (The Model for Urban Stormwater Improvement Conceptualiation ) to assist the planning and design of stormwater management, tailoring  to your land development needs, ensuring you achieve water quality targets and requirements for your area.


No project is to big or small, we can simulate stormwater detention and flow from a single lot to a whole suburb.


Group Development Services can manage your storm water capabilities and create water sensitive urban designs (WSUD) and integrated water-cycle management (IWCM) using MUSIC to identify the best way to firstly capture and remove contaminants and then reuse  storm water runoff.


Using tanks, rain gardens, swales, bioretention and/or buffer systems,  (to name a few) GDS will choose the stormwater storage system to suit your needs and complying with standards set for storm water volume and pollutants.


We will plan your entire storm water system, giving you the optimal design and receiving-water quality as well as estimate the impacts of various treatment options to give you optimal water-quantity and quality and ensuring the best cost versus benefits solutions.


Stormwater management


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